Poul Henningsen & Louis Poulsen


To me, nothing embodies more Scandinavian design -in general- or Danish design -in particular- than Poul Henningsen’s PH-lamp manufactured by Louis Poulsen. Hanging low over the dinner or kitchen table, it diffuses its perfect glow over exactly the area you want to light up. You never see the light directly, it just lands where you want to see. Fascinating perfection. Poul Henningsen presented his first functioning lamp in 1925 in Paris after nearly 10 years of experimentation -!!- and began selling it through manufacturer Louis Poulsen in 1926. The famous PH 5 in the shape we know today -pictured above- was released in 1958. Finally getting my own when I bought my first apartment felt like a rite of passage and I continuously enjoy it everyday.

Photo – Louis Poulsen