Unless you have an unlimited budget, it is going to be pretty hard to only have 50s Scandinavian furniture in your apartment. Not to mention intelligently mixing old and new has definitely a certain appeal. Unfortunately, modern day furniture is so easily accessible everyone ends up having the same. Boring. Well, there are a couple of companies here in Sweden worth mentioning to personalise pretty much any piece of furniture and make it your own. Left on the picture above is Superfront. Their concept is just SUPERsmart: you basically buy a base at Ikea -Bestå, Metod or Faktum- then complete it with fronts, tops, sides, handtags and feet that are available in a variety of materials, textures and colours. Order the size you need on the SUPEReasy website, get it delivered and BOOM a brand new piece of furniture with a little more personality.
The second brand -pictured on the right- is more specialised but also very  practical and useful: Pretty Pegs. There you will find all the legs you need for sofas, tables, beds, you name it.

This long Easter weekend will be all about small home improvements for me! Happy Easter and see you next week!

Photos – Superfront and Pretty Pegs.