Here for you today, three different alternatives for plant shelves. Display your greenery in style! My favourite one -on the left- is a project called the Botanic Shelf: a structure of oak wood completed by moveable brass sheet shelves. You place your plant where you want and can adjust shelving depending on their sizes. SO smart. The designers are Riika Kantinkoski & Pinja Rouger. Botanic Shelf is apparently not available in stores yet but you can contact them and possibly order. More information here.

Following is Ferm Living’s Plant Box. Available in various colours, its feels rather perfect -something about a rectangle shape for plants maybe? Personally I want to fill it with various shapes and sizes of cactuses!

For displaying flower in pots, Ikea’s Satsumas plant stand in bamboo is very simple and fun with its three different heights.

Photos – Weekday Carnival + Ikea + Ferm Living