I recently got for my birthday six amazing vintage Val Saint Lambert wine glasses: each glass has a different colour and I am looking into keeping that as a theme for other glasses. When it comes to Champagne, I definitely am a coupe -rather than a flute- person; right now my eyes landed on two different sets:

Untitled collage (6).jpg

On the left is Waterford’s mixed colours coupes from the Mixology series. I really like that not only is each glass a different colour but actually a different design as well. Same height, same foot but the colours and the detailing varie from glass to glass.

On the right you will find Louise Roe’s coupes. The cool thing being that they are sold separately, so you can actually choose to mix all the colours together, have only one colour or buy three pink ones, one blue and two yellow if you want!

Both Waterford’s & Louise Roe’s coupes are made in crystal glass. So you can enjoy that perfect sound when you make a toast! Cheers, santé, skål!

Pictures – Waterford & Louise Roe

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