I don’t know about you but lately I have been feeling exactly on the opposite of the minimalist spectrum. I dream of printed wallpaper coordinated with the drapes, the upholstery & the cushions; yes all in the same pattern. Completed by huge vases full of big colorful flowers.


One of my favorite companies which makes it easy to use the same pattern on the wall & on fabric is British brand House of Hackney. You will find all you need to start the look there.

Another tip is to watch the documentary on Dries Van Noten, you will get a glimpse of his house: life goal!

All pictures – from left to right, top then bottom row:

Pinterest – picture from Chloe Sevigny’s home
@mortilmernee + @bibimaj / @eurowomandk
House of Hackney
@schefferinteriors + @hrhduchessofstate / @secretsofahostess

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