Been searching for the perfect rug for a while now. In need of something graphic, comfy & yet something you won’t tire of too quickly. Specially in relation with the budget needed to buy a nice piece. This is my short list below and I am navigating back and forth between… well, all of them! Decisions, decisions.
Untitled collage (15).jpg

From left to right, top row:
This one was a discovery at IKEA, while it does not seem too exciting online, it is actually really nice IRL. Picture from IKEA
– This second one is most definitely short-listed. From one of my favorite brands when it comes to rugs, Spanish GAN. Absolutely love the color combination and the pattern. Picture from Länna Möbler
Third one is from House Doctor, toned down but extremely nice pattern, hard to get tired of. Picture from Olsson & Gerthel
Fourth is from Chhatwal & Jonsson. Red is one of my go-to colors for detailing when it comes to interior design: why not go all-in? Picture from Länna Möbler

From left to right, bottom row:
Fifth is such a great and unexpected color-combination by Hay. I feel it could lift the entire room! Picture from Länna Möbler
Sixth is from my absolute favorite Swedish brand, Layered. Definitely check out their website, they have incredible patterns & colors. Picture from Layered
Seventh is from the Föremål collection: IKEA’s latest collaboration with Per B Sundberg. If you are looking for a bold, printed rug: this is the one! Picture from IKEA
– Finally, the last option from Linie Design achieves great balance: the pattern is timeless, the colors are not usual and yet it would melt perfectly in many interiors without taking too much room. Picture from Länna Möbler

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