I have an obsession about crystal -the legal kind!- and wanted this post to be about the best contemporary brand out there: Reflections Copenhagen.


On the left half is the collection I discovered the brand through. A couple of years ago maybe? I immediately bought one of the candle holders & later on the vase. Right now I really have my eyes on the Art Deco series: two candle holders –here & here– and another vase.

The about section of their website states that the two founders are inspired by “the graphic expression of Art Deco”, “the vast contrasts of the 1980’s” AND “the beauty of craftsmanship”. I mean: how perfect is that?

Photos – Reflections Copenhagen

Douglas and Bec


Douglas and Bec is a sight for sore eyes! The design studio is based in Auckland, New Zealand and produces lighting, furniture and objects. As you might have guessed from the selection above + because of my aforementioned obsession with lamps, the lighting section is my favourite. Their colour reference “Blush” is so fresh, new and original it really makes any of their pieces stand out as a statement in your interior. I am also quite frankly completely crazy about their Pink Swan from the Objects section.

Photos – Douglas and Bec


I am literally obsessed with Skagerak’s Georg series. Pure simplicity in each piece’s lines, great mix of materials bringing texture to super simple designs. Skagerak is a Danish company founded in 1976 and making furniture since 1982. Even though the Georg series is definitely my favourite, you will find plenty more amazing furniture, for indoors as well as outdoors, on their website like this great seat, perfect for an entrance.

Photos – Skagerak



FotorCreated34After spending the weekend at a friend’s country house last weekend, I fell in love with the idea of buying a small house in the middle of nowhere for no money and spending some time fixing it into a nice cosy retreat. New goal in life: a red and white small house in the Swedish countryside!

Photos – Pinterest

Norra Djurgårdsstaden – Stockholm

FotorCreated33.jpgWhen it comes to housing, inner Stockholm is a true dream at the same time as it is a nightmare! The standards are high but the amount of available apartments is incredibly limited by the city’s geography. So I am very looking forward to this forgotten, industrial part of town currently undergoing a total rejuvenation: Norra Djurgårdsstaden. The area will become a brand spanking new part of town, right on the water, complete with several Squares, new shopping, cafés and swimming spots. Most of it will only be ready the end of this year, however I am drooling over two projects: Tobin Properties’ Äril and Oscar Properties’ Brofästet. Both companies have created beautiful buildings as well as very inviting interiors I could definitely see myself living in!

Photos – Stockholms Stad / Tobin Properties & Oscar Properties



Here for you today, three different alternatives for plant shelves. Display your greenery in style! My favourite one -on the left- is a project called the Botanic Shelf: a structure of oak wood completed by moveable brass sheet shelves. You place your plant where you want and can adjust shelving depending on their sizes. SO smart. The designers are Riika Kantinkoski & Pinja Rouger. Botanic Shelf is apparently not available in stores yet but you can contact them and possibly order. More information here.

Following is Ferm Living’s Plant Box. Available in various colours, its feels rather perfect -something about a rectangle shape for plants maybe? Personally I want to fill it with various shapes and sizes of cactuses!

For displaying flower in pots, Ikea’s Satsumas plant stand in bamboo is very simple and fun with its three different heights.

Photos – Weekday Carnival + Ikea + Ferm Living