Been searching for the perfect rug for a while now. In need of something graphic, comfy & yet something you won’t tire of too quickly. Specially in relation with the budget needed to buy a nice piece. This is my short list below and I am navigating back and forth between… well, all of them! Decisions, decisions.
Untitled collage (15).jpg

From left to right, top row:
This one was a discovery at IKEA, while it does not seem too exciting online, it is actually really nice IRL. Picture from IKEA
– This second one is most definitely short-listed. From one of my favorite brands when it comes to rugs, Spanish GAN. Absolutely love the color combination and the pattern. Picture from Länna Möbler
Third one is from House Doctor, toned down but extremely nice pattern, hard to get tired of. Picture from Olsson & Gerthel
Fourth is from Chhatwal & Jonsson. Red is one of my go-to colors for detailing when it comes to interior design: why not go all-in? Picture from Länna Möbler

From left to right, bottom row:
Fifth is such a great and unexpected color-combination by Hay. I feel it could lift the entire room! Picture from Länna Möbler
Sixth is from my absolute favorite Swedish brand, Layered. Definitely check out their website, they have incredible patterns & colors. Picture from Layered
Seventh is from the Föremål collection: IKEA’s latest collaboration with Per B Sundberg. If you are looking for a bold, printed rug: this is the one! Picture from IKEA
– Finally, the last option from Linie Design achieves great balance: the pattern is timeless, the colors are not usual and yet it would melt perfectly in many interiors without taking too much room. Picture from Länna Möbler

FÖREMÅL by Per B Sundberg for IKEA

Following up on yesterday’s post “More is More” you don’t necessarily need to go all in but can add just a touch of maximalism through accessories. I absolutely cannot wait until tomorrow when IKEA releases Föremål by Per B Sundberg. The collection will only be released in selected stores in Sweden but I really wanted to share with you the pieces which caught my eyes the most.

BeFunky-collage (3).jpg

The pillows, boxes, candle holders & vases are on top of my list. Especially these ones and this one. Kudos to the styling on the product pictures also; unfortunately I could not find in the press room who were the stylist or photographer.

Being a bookworm myself, I need to mention that IKEA releases a book on Per B Sundberg’s life and work along with the collection. Most definitely on my shopping list too.

In lack of better credits: All Pictures – IKEA.


I don’t know about you but lately I have been feeling exactly on the opposite of the minimalist spectrum. I dream of printed wallpaper coordinated with the drapes, the upholstery & the cushions; yes all in the same pattern. Completed by huge vases full of big colorful flowers.


One of my favorite companies which makes it easy to use the same pattern on the wall & on fabric is British brand House of Hackney. You will find all you need to start the look there.

Another tip is to watch the documentary on Dries Van Noten, you will get a glimpse of his house: life goal!

All pictures – from left to right, top then bottom row:

Pinterest – picture from Chloe Sevigny’s home
@mortilmernee + @bibimaj / @eurowomandk
House of Hackney
@schefferinteriors + @hrhduchessofstate / @secretsofahostess


I am more and more into arranging flowers. I am just a beginner but I have already taken two classes, one at Florist Utbildarna in Stockhom, Sweden & one at the Sogetsu School in Tokyo, Japan. It was a real treat to learn completely different technics in such short time.

Untitled collage (12).jpg

I love mixing these various techniques, as for example using a Kenzan to make my flowers sit in the vase the way I want them to.

All pictures – The Interior Standard


I recently got for my birthday six amazing vintage Val Saint Lambert wine glasses: each glass has a different colour and I am looking into keeping that as a theme for other glasses. When it comes to Champagne, I definitely am a coupe -rather than a flute- person; right now my eyes landed on two different sets:

Untitled collage (6).jpg

On the left is Waterford’s mixed colours coupes from the Mixology series. I really like that not only is each glass a different colour but actually a different design as well. Same height, same foot but the colours and the detailing varie from glass to glass.

On the right you will find Louise Roe’s coupes. The cool thing being that they are sold separately, so you can actually choose to mix all the colours together, have only one colour or buy three pink ones, one blue and two yellow if you want!

Both Waterford’s & Louise Roe’s coupes are made in crystal glass. So you can enjoy that perfect sound when you make a toast! Cheers, santé, skål!

Pictures – Waterford & Louise Roe


Soon a year ago I was in Portugal for one of the most amazing weddings ever and during our stay in Lisbon we discovered the city’s best store: A Vida Portuguesa. If you are ever traveling there, take the time to stop by! One of my favorite discoveries there was a traditional Portuguese brand of ceramics called Bordallo Pinheiro.Untitled collage (4).jpg

I bought five pieces on the spot, easy every day pieces – all pictured on the left: an aubergine dish, a mushroom box, a fish platter & two leaf platters. Arket actually also sells a selection of their pieces.

But – as you can see on the right side – Bordallo Pinheiro also produces some outstanding dishes, vases etc… My collection has just begun!

Photos – Bordallo Pinheiro, Pinterest & A Vida Portuguesa